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Thursday, May 13, 2010

House pictures ....and a duck!

Here are some finally updated pictures of the house. We did a blueish grey in the front room, and a grey in the kitchen and master room and bathroom. The pictures don't really do it's justice, but that is the best you are going to get for now!! I am in love with it!! It has been a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG journey building it, but i am finally seeing the end result and it is soooo worth it. The odd picure of the grass looking thing is acually a duck in my front of the yard sitting on 7 of her eggs. Odd place. My dad actually was pulling a bunch of tall weeds around the house and was almost done before he realized the eggs sitting there. What a good mommy!! you keep those eggs warm!!!


Naylor Family said...

The house looks great!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

A trick when dying easter egss....I put the cups of dye in the sink, and make the kids stand on chairs or sit on the counter, that way if one spills, it's no big deal!!!

Josh and Tiff said...

awesome!! I love love love your house! How exciting to have it built! Is your dad doing it? I didn't even know you had a blog! Glad I now know what it is :) P.S. When do you find out boy/girl?

Walker Family said...

Wow! it looks beautiful so far!! I love the gray kitchen and the window seat! so cute!! How exciting!!!