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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Having a baby!

Yep, good old fat pictures of me at the hospital. I absolutely HATE those pictures right before and right after you have a baby, but oh well, i am over it!!! My doctor was my sister's best guy friend growing up. Everyone asked if that was weird, it was kind of, but i knew that he TRULY cared about me and my baby which was nice, and he did a great job!The labor was really fast . I only pushed for like 20 minutes which was awesome, but then we had complications afterward with blood clots and throwing up and all that fun stuff afterward. But like always it was a wonderful experience. For some reason, i LOVE having a baby. I love the labor and pushing part. Probably cause it is so rewarding and i feel like a tough mamma!!! =)It took us till the very last minute to name her which we decided....Samantha Ryan Ebeltoft

Matti learning to ride a bike

Last summer Ryan just decided to teach matti how to ride her bike without training wheels.It was successful!!! But the funny thing is after like the 2nd time trying she did the falling into a bush!!!! She got scratched up a little bit, but that didn't stop her. I am so proud of her! She loves it so much and still needs practice, but she is just getting so big. Love that girl!!

ONE of my goals this year......

One of my goals this year is to be better at blogging. I really suck at this stuff!!! Well, so my excuse was that i had like 600 pictures on my camera and it would reload all of them onto my computer and it would take forever. so i started cleaning my camera out and still need to finish, but no more excuses cause i want to start using this as kind a journal here it goes!!!

My trip to Sanfrancisco....and Jackie's wedding

One of my older brothers, Ryan and i flew together to go to Jackie's wedding. We flew in to see our other brother Jared and his wife that was due that week and stayed with them.We went out to eat that night, and then the next morning we drove to the wedding. It was so good to see the kids and jackie. I was 8 months pregnant and had about 5 or six weeks left. So during the wedding me being a sissy and prego, BAWLED the whole freakin time!!! Luckily i was wearing sun glasses!!! It was really one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. Watch my sister in law marry someone else and watching those kids walk down the aisle towards a whole new life. I love them so much and pray for them all the time that they are happy and doing well. It was a hard and good experience at the same time. I am glad that i got to go. After the wedding ryan and i stayed the night with my folks in a hotel and then left the next morning to go back to jareds to stay a few more days. We ate out a lot, went to san fran, and then the night before we left katie went into labor and we stayed and watched ben for them so they could go to the hospital. It was really cool how that happened and we got to go see the new baby before we went to the airport. What a fun trip!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More house pictures!!!

Not too much new stuff going on, but here is the front porch with the slate, it isn't grouted, but i had to post it anyway cause i just love it!!!

The front still has more painting to do on it, but they added some more white, and actually the stairs are painted white now woo, but they added that darker grey on the bottom there and i just LOVE it!!! I told Ryan i want more of that color!!! I would have done the whole house that color, but ryan didn't trust me!!! =) So, we are trying to decide what to do still with the darker grey and we have a marroonish red color going to accent it too!


Here we are doing fireworks, this is Saturday night with my parents and Ryan's parents together. Jackie and her kids came into town for a couple of weeks and we have just been having a lot of fun. Matti loved the fireworks, but Sophie well, the top picture is her and kenzie sitting on ryan's mom holding and "comforting" the baby telling it that it isn't scary and that fireworks are fun! Sophie just kept saying "no more mommy, no more again". It was really cute, but really sad. Maybe next year they both will love it!

Hospital visit!

We were at a baptism a couple of weeks ago(i know this is late), and we were heading out the door and i heard this unfamiliar bloody murder was Sophie! She had been playing with the door going out, which those are huge and heavy, and she had smashed her finger in the hinge part. Ryan got there first, and as i come running over i just glanced at her finger and we ran out the door saying "oh great, broken finger, hospital trip here we come!" and grabbed matti and ran. Luckily we weren't that far away from the hospital, but this picture is us waiting in the hall way for our turn. She had smashed really good. I don't like that kind of stuff too much but ryan said that her finger was smashed, twisted and bent upward. Well, to make a long story short, we got in.....finally, got x-rays, then doctor, and no broken finger!!! AMAZING!!! By the time the doctor got there her finger had straightened itself out, and was just swollen! They wrapped up her finger in tape and dosed/doped her up with tylenol and codien, and sent us on our way. We then went and got her medicine at walgreens and waited there for an hour and a half and got home finally at like 11:45!!! Fun night!!! I love this picture cause it just shows how strong my little girl is!! She was crying of course, but she really was just kind of whining more than crying! If it were matti that happened to, it would be a whole different story!!! =)