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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hospital visit!

We were at a baptism a couple of weeks ago(i know this is late), and we were heading out the door and i heard this unfamiliar bloody murder was Sophie! She had been playing with the door going out, which those are huge and heavy, and she had smashed her finger in the hinge part. Ryan got there first, and as i come running over i just glanced at her finger and we ran out the door saying "oh great, broken finger, hospital trip here we come!" and grabbed matti and ran. Luckily we weren't that far away from the hospital, but this picture is us waiting in the hall way for our turn. She had smashed really good. I don't like that kind of stuff too much but ryan said that her finger was smashed, twisted and bent upward. Well, to make a long story short, we got in.....finally, got x-rays, then doctor, and no broken finger!!! AMAZING!!! By the time the doctor got there her finger had straightened itself out, and was just swollen! They wrapped up her finger in tape and dosed/doped her up with tylenol and codien, and sent us on our way. We then went and got her medicine at walgreens and waited there for an hour and a half and got home finally at like 11:45!!! Fun night!!! I love this picture cause it just shows how strong my little girl is!! She was crying of course, but she really was just kind of whining more than crying! If it were matti that happened to, it would be a whole different story!!! =)

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JPI said...

This happened at our house once, except it tore off part of Rachel's finger. It was gross. But the doctor sewed it back on and now you can barely tell. I'm glad Sophie is better than originally thought. Those screams are the worst.