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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My trip to Sanfrancisco....and Jackie's wedding

One of my older brothers, Ryan and i flew together to go to Jackie's wedding. We flew in to see our other brother Jared and his wife that was due that week and stayed with them.We went out to eat that night, and then the next morning we drove to the wedding. It was so good to see the kids and jackie. I was 8 months pregnant and had about 5 or six weeks left. So during the wedding me being a sissy and prego, BAWLED the whole freakin time!!! Luckily i was wearing sun glasses!!! It was really one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. Watch my sister in law marry someone else and watching those kids walk down the aisle towards a whole new life. I love them so much and pray for them all the time that they are happy and doing well. It was a hard and good experience at the same time. I am glad that i got to go. After the wedding ryan and i stayed the night with my folks in a hotel and then left the next morning to go back to jareds to stay a few more days. We ate out a lot, went to san fran, and then the night before we left katie went into labor and we stayed and watched ben for them so they could go to the hospital. It was really cool how that happened and we got to go see the new baby before we went to the airport. What a fun trip!!!!

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