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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Having a baby!

Yep, good old fat pictures of me at the hospital. I absolutely HATE those pictures right before and right after you have a baby, but oh well, i am over it!!! My doctor was my sister's best guy friend growing up. Everyone asked if that was weird, it was kind of, but i knew that he TRULY cared about me and my baby which was nice, and he did a great job!The labor was really fast . I only pushed for like 20 minutes which was awesome, but then we had complications afterward with blood clots and throwing up and all that fun stuff afterward. But like always it was a wonderful experience. For some reason, i LOVE having a baby. I love the labor and pushing part. Probably cause it is so rewarding and i feel like a tough mamma!!! =)It took us till the very last minute to name her which we decided....Samantha Ryan Ebeltoft


Crystal said...

Nice work on a cute baby!! My first doctor with Audrey was an old family friend (actually, Dave's old girlfriend's dad)--and I was really nervous at first--but it really was nice having someone I know take care of me. Miss you! I'm excited to see all the great blog posts your going to have this year. ;)

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm so proud of you for posting more pictures!!! It's a perfect thing to do while you're nursing as well because you are forced to sit anyway. Try it!Love you!

kim said...

Yay! I am so glad to have some blog posts. Your little girls are so so so seriously so cute!! Miss you and love you! And I thought you looked AMAZING in the hospital posts. Actually I hate you for how good you looked. Love you!

Matt and Lindsay said...

Your girls are so big!! Congrats on the new little one. So sweet. You are an awesome mom, your girls are lucky!!!