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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dumb moments!!!

SO...anyone up for a new potato soup recipe? I have one here for you. my day started out fine, but as i went to cook dinner for the missionaries i cooked them brownies.....forgot about them so burnt them almost to a crisp, and then tried making potato soup and guess what lovely thing i did. Instead of flour to thicken it.....i put POWDERED SUGAR!!!! 2/3 cup to be exact!!! you could only guess how awesome that tasted!! So we ended up going out with them instead !!! People like me should not have cooked today!!! =) Let me know if anyone wants the recipe!! ha ha!!


Emily said...

You know me, I'm up for anything with sugar in it!

Walker Family said...

hahah! that sounds like me everyday in the kitchen!! somthing always goes wrong! :)

Missy08 said...

wow looks like it just wasn't ur day I'm sorry I hate when that happens.

Eric and Christy said...

Hi Angie and Ryan, we wanted you guys to have our blog. We need to get together sometime. We are still planning to have a big rave at our house this summer. (You're in charge of the booze)