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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life is good!!

Tiff and i ran the Race for the Cure last was a blast and OBVIOUSLY this was us BEFORE we ran it! =)
I have a FABULOUS friend that has been helping me coupon i won't mention her name....emily...=) i got all of this for under 5 bucks! NOW i know what adrenaline rushes are!!!i thought running did the trick for me but boy was i wrong!!! I only wonder why i didn't meet em earlier! Thanks babe!


Emily said...

Your welcome! Anytime. You're the best!!

Missy08 said...

wow that's great I need some help to. to save some money I just might ask Emily.

Walker Family said...

Hey Angie! I found your blog! And I love the family Pictures you posted a while back! The one of your two girls is so stikin cute! Hope everything is going good for ya!!

Walker Family said...

So when we move over there will you teach me ;o)